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If You Need Fast Cash and Banks Won’t Oblige, Seek a Loan From Car Title Loans Van Nuys

When applying for a bank loan, having a poor credit history can be a major disadvantage because when it is observed that you have a track record of payments gone bad, banks up the tempo and charge you higher interest rates or they many times won’t approve you at all. Car Title Loans Van Nuys is a more affordable loan without the high interest rates and the loan amount is delivered quickly with highly simplified loan approval procedures. These loans have become massively popular as an affordable and cost effective loan which doesn’t burden customers.

The major hurdle faced by customers in tackling financial emergencies is the need to access the funds quickly and smoothly without having to break their back gathering loads of information, like bankers frequently demand. In fact banks make things doubly hard by complicating loan assessment procedures and the time wasted on appraisals compounds the misery of the customer who may be battling against time to meet emergency cash demands. The situation worsens to such an extent that many loan applicants are forced to knock on the doors of payday lenders who charge outrageous interest fees. Car Title Loans Van Nuys keeps the process quick and painless.


The basic requirement for accessing a car title loan, is ownership of a car without any liens or loans on the title. The car needs to be registered in your own name or the name of the person who will be applying for the loan. The car then becomes the collateral for the title loan, however the owner never loses possession of the vehicle. That’s the beauty of the car title loan – the owner retains the use of the car throughout the loan repayment period. A title loan allows access of up to 70% of the cars value for the loan amount, and that gives the borrower a golden opportunity to obtain adequate funds for meeting a variety of emergency needs.

If you’ve hit rock bottom and don’t know where else to turn, visit Car Title Loans Van Nuys and fill out the form at the top of the page. Our friendly staff will give you a call and get you started on your loan today!